I am alive. I am alive. I am alive.


To me this is the most beautiful realization I have. I am deeply fulfilled with love and bliss. 

In gratitude and honor, I accept the gift of life by walking the path of my heart, which has its roots in music.


When I make music, I am in a pure state of being and love. 


I then feel nothing but the music, everything else fades away and I have nothing else on my mind. I forget who I am because in that moment my whole being is music. When I feel the vibration of my own voice within me, I get a sensation of floating in the infinite.



I like to see myself as a whale

gliding through the deep, blue ocean

giving forth the most enjoying, swinging, loving tones

In the ocean there is no time, no beginning and end

I only have me and my inner voice, which guides me gently through the water

for there is no plan, I can only see a few meters in front of me

but I do not want to nor have to see farther

because I have a deep trust in my great heart

and it leads me evermore, where love flows



I am infinitely grateful that I have the opportunity to discover and experience my inner being and love,

and that other beings open themselves up to me and accompany me on my journey,

as well as I have the honor to accompany them.

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What are you investing in?

I made the brave choice to walk the path of a self-employed musician!

I realized that it takes up all of my time and that I don't want it to be otherwise, because it is my heart's path, it is my passion.

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