My very first album 'Opening' is now available!


"Opening" was created during a very special time of my life, in which I have opened up a lot to myself and to others.

It reflects the beginning of my spiritual journey, in which I especially came to realize that we are all one and that love transforms everything.


In my songs I sing only about things that really correspond to my truth, that I have learned and that I feel. Through them I express my inner being.


Listen to the full album here:

To support me, you can also buy this album from my shop.

HUGE thanks goes out to Martin from Orionka Studios, who recorded this album with me and who let so much time, energy and passion flow into this project. Thank you for your patience and for helping me find my music and letting this once very blurry vision unfold itself into something beautiful.


 Also a very special thanks to Anne from Bande Vacilando for coming all the way to Chemnitz and playing the bass guitar so amazingly <3


Thank you to Lance Elfensmith from for creating the beautiful album art!



And finally... Thanks to my mom and dad, for always being there for me and believing in me.

For giving me the time and freedom to make my dreams come true and for supporting me so generously, for adding so much love to it.

And thank you to my brother, for encouraging me so much and that through you I always have a friend :)


Without you all this would not be possible!



Songbook - Opening.pdf
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